Fifty Fifty

What is the ideal start to any game for a football team?

Some would say a kick return touchdown. Some would say it’s a quick offensive touchdown.

Not me. I’d say the ideal start to a game is a 10-12 play drive that goes 70+ yards to the touchdown and takes 5 or so minutes off the game clock.

Why is the long drive better than the quick touchdowns? It completely deflates the other team and their fans psychologically (a huge consideration with 100,000+ of them in the Cowboys’ new stadium). This is what the Cowboys did to the Eagles last Sunday.

I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t worried after that first drive in which the Cowboys went 80 yards in 9 plays and took 4:25 off the clock. As you may remember-and I bet the Eagles defense does-Cowboys RB Marion Barber ran the ball right down their collective throats for 58 yards with teammate RB Felix Jones chipping in 10.  This drive set the tone for the whole game. How was the drive set up? The coin toss.

Very often I joke around saying whoever wins the coin toss wins the game. Seeing as this is America in the 21st century where people will bet on anything, thousands of people each year bet on coin tosses. That is stupid. There is really no reliable way to predict heads or tails based on information-it comes down to a pure fifty/fifty chance.

But the coin toss can play a critical role in any football game, and especially a game like this week’s Eagles at Cowboys playoff rematch of the Week 17 blowout. Whether the Birds captains choose heads or tails doesn’t particularly matter to me, just as long as they win and choose to receive. If not, the defense better show up this week for the first drive, or else we could be looking at another 24-0 shellacking in which the Eagles get outplayed and outcoached from the first play to the last.

My prediction: Eagles choose heads, win. 20-13 Birds.

War Eagle,



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