The San Diego Chargers: The Philadelphia Eagles of the AFC

For anyone who did not watch the Divisional Playoffs this weekend, you didn’t miss much. Once again, the weekend appeared on paper to showcase some great match ups against the best in the NFL. Unfortunately, most of the games were over early, giving many fans little reason to keep watching past halftime. Unless, of course, you enjoy Joe and Troy reminding all of us that Brett Favre is on the Vikings (It was also great to see Jerry Jones steaming on the sideline at the end of the game. World’s Worst Boss; no wonder the Cowboys always struggle. That and Romo is not that good). They only saving grace of the weekend came in the last matchup: Jets at Chargers. Now, like everyone, I thought the Jets were going to get smoked; Chargers had won 11 straight and the thought of having Rivers and Manning going head to head for the AFC Championship would have been ideal. So what do the Chargers do? Prove everyone wrong and lay down against the Jets who I feel still shouldn’t even be in these playoffs. I’m not going to blame Nate Kaeding because he got the CBS jinx from Jim Nantz during his first attempt. And yeah I know he didn’t hear Jim Nantz actually talk about his “67 consecutive made field goals within 40 yards streak”, but honestly, mention it after he makes the damn thing. He must be that guy who talks during your backswing. Save your nugget stat for after the play, Jim. Anyway, the Chargers lost a game that they should have won. They beat the Jets in total yards, first downs, and trips in the red zone. They lost the turnover battle, 3rd down efficiency was extremely poor especially in the second half, and racked up just short of 90 yards in penalties; including the Vincent Jackson penalty for kicking the challenge flag which was humorous. I mean the Ref was even smirking when he made the call.

As an Eagles fan, you almost feel bad for the Chargers and their playoff struggles. How many times have the Eagles done this during the past decade? In 8 playoff appearances since 2000, to make it only to one superbowl is extremely frustrating. And how they make it to the playoffs is even worse, both teams will go on streaks being the most unstoppable team in the league on either side of the ball to only look dysfunctional and lackluster when the entire league is watching. You would think the old adage of “even a blind squirrel can find a nut” would apply to one of those seasons, but still these teams find ways to lose. So what’s the problem? Is it leadership? Bad Timing? Nerves? Ricky Manning Jr.? (or is he Ricky Manning III now?) At least the Chargers can claim it to being in the same league as Manning and Brady, but the Eagles can’t cop out that easily. The NFC representative in the superbowl during the 2000s has been a revolving door of one season teams. Over that time, you can argue Philly was the best team in the NFC. Despite this fact, they will be an after thought of the 2000s; the best that never was.

Here’s an idea though, pending league approval of course: let the two coaching staffs meet up over the off season and see if they are doing anything similar. If they are, cut it out of the formula. Even if its something as small as Teriyaki Tuesdays in the cafeteria, I say new season, new year, new decade, let’s start fresh. At the very least, it shows some initiative and let’s be honest, there’s no sense in being content with making the playoffs anymore. Both sides fans feel duped and need their faith rewarded; they have suffered too much. Also, Chris Berman has to stop picking either the Chargers or Eagles in his SuperBowl picks. (He chose an Eagles-Chargers matchup this year and for the past 3 years has included at least one of the teams. This is proof that there IS such a thing as bad publicity.)

Other highlights from the weekend, in no particular order:

-Jim Nantz, during a promo for CBS’s 60 minutes, pronounced Haiti as “HAY sha”. Bad week keeps getting worse.
-Adam Sandler got some camera time at the Jets Chargers game in his Gotham Green. He was there promoting his new movie which will be awful.
-While watching the Colts Ravens game at my house with a few friends, a girl, sporting a Ravens jersey and shall be unnamed, engaged me in conversation and mentioned how she used to be an Eagles fan earlier this year. She went on to explain that she decided to switch sides because the Eagles lost last weekend and she looks better in black, hence the new Flacco jersey. And that, ladies and gentleman, is a quintessential Ravens fan.

Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading; one article in the books.

“I’d like to thank my hands for being so great”


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