Superbowl Thoughts

– Thank god Emmit Smith was in the building to do the coin toss, not only is he the worst analyst I have ever seen, but he also did a really shitty job flipping the coin. Way to go Emmitt!
– Who dat said they gonna beat dem saints?! The Bucs, Cowboys, and Panthers, that’s who said it, now shut the fuck up.
– Is Reggie Bush embarrassed by his girlfriends “acting” career? On one hand everyone gets to see how smoking hot Kim Kardashian is, but also everyone gets to see her get railed by a shitty rapper.
– One story that kind of flew under the radar this week, apparently Dwight Freeney was a little banged up.
– Congrats to former Eagle great Hank Baskett for totally shitting the bed on that onside kick, at least he has an illustrious reality TV career to fall back on.
– According to at least one report Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans devastated and the city really came together to support the Saints, Who would have guessed?
– On a positive note now that the season is over we finally get to see more of Mel Kiper and Todd Mcshay!!!


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