SuperBowl XLIV: Highlights and Lowlights

The New Orleans Saints, the NFC champions and feel good story of this playoffs, showed Sunday that they deserved to be NFL champions for 2009.  From the play of their MVP Brees to the ballsy calls by Sean Payton, New Orleans showed up to win the game and blew past a Colts team that again shows their inferiority in the post season.  Here are some highlights and lowlights from last night’s contest:

MVP: Drew Brees- Great Season and a consistent playoff run capping off with a stellar performance in the big game.  His 32 completions tie Tom Brady for the most in a Superbowl game.  Combine that with 281 yds, 2 TDs, and no turnovers?  That’ll do, pig.

LVP: Reggie Wayne– 5 for 46 yds, despite being targeted 11 times, is low for for Mr. Wayne, but I was more disgusted with a few of those dropped passes; the last one being for a Colts TD.  Having that kind of performance being Manning’s #1 was disheartening and big reason why the Colts faded as the game went on.

Worst Player on Winning Team: Reggie Bush- I’m not only picking on him because he is a big name player, but it was also a very forgettable performance.  5 for 25 yds rushing, one 4 yd punt return, and 0 Kardashian sightings during the game.

Best Player on Losing Team: Joseph Addai- Manning’s an easy choice.  However, Addai ran with a purpose last night and if the Colts kept giving him touches later in the game, the outcome might have been different.  His final line was 13 carries for 77 yds and a TD; 7 receptions for 58 yds, not to mention some of those runs made the Saints D look stupid.  More on that later.

Brass Balls Award: Sean Payton- What a gambler; more coaches should be this bold.  The choice to go for it on 4th and goal, I thought, was a win-win (6 points or a long field for the Colts compared to Manning having a 1:55 to manufacture another score from the 20-30).  The challenge after the 2 point was smart and helps his already abysmal challenge record.  But, in a word that I deem most fit, the onside kick was truly scrumtrulescent  (fuck spell check, it exists).  That was the turning point in the game, but it needed some cojones to pull the trigger.  Bravo, Sean.

Best Asante Samuel Impression: Darren Sharper- He has been good this season for the Saints, but he got juked out of his shoes by Addai last night en route to a first down run mid way through the 3rd.  When that stuff happens, you really feel for Sharper’s kids; the abuse they must get in school the next day. He whiffed on the open field tackle and you know most of the Eagles secondary was watching thinking “I couldn’t of made that tackle either.”

Best Offensive Play of the Night- Manning to Clark, touch pass to the right side of the field for a first down, en route to their second TD in the 3rd.  I know I’m being vague, but if you saw it then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  A visually beautiful pass that dropped into Clark between what seemed the entire Saints secondary.  No other QB in the NFL could have made that pass work.  I was hoping that Jim Nantz would have said “Kobe” after he threw the pass; it was that pretty. As a side note, if Manning played basketball, he would be a hybrid player having John Stockton’s court awareness along with Reggie Miller’s shot.

Best Defensive Play of the Night- Easy, Tracey Porter’s Int return TD to win the game for the Who Dat Nation.  Hard to argue with that one.

Halftime Show- Visually stunning performance that probably gave a lot of people seizures with all those lasers.  I like how the NFL is trying to put older, proven acts for the SuperBowl halftime, but its embarrassing to watch these old guys still go out there and try to act young.  At least it wasn’t Bruce or “the artist formally known as but than changed his name back to” Prince. FYI- Favorite SuperBowl Halftime: Paul McCartney SuperBowl XXXIX.  Sir Paul was ok; Bernie Mulhern stole the show.

Best Commercial- Bud Light with TPain.  Two thumbs way up; funny and effective.  I will never say Bud Light in a normal voice again.  And I love it how TPain realizes what a joke he is; more celebrities should follow his lead.

Worst Commercial-  A one trick pony that can’t muster up anything creative other than the same shtick that made people first realize what the hell they do.  A true insult to my intelligence and a waste of $2.5 million.

Biggest “Who Cares?”- Tim Tebow’s Pro-life commercial.  Before the game, there was a lot “controversy” over this 30 second spot talking about why Mrs. Tebow didn’t scramble Timmy while doing missionary work in the Philippines.  The commercial was pretty vague and ended with Tebow tackling his mom and directing you to a website.  That’s it; that was the big deal.  As my one lady friend stated so eloquently while watching the game “I didn’t know Tim Tebow played defense.”  To her credit, he may next year.

Quote of the Night- Dave Mulhern– Via text message and I quote: “Jeremy Shockey scoring a TD in the superbowl is like Tony Siragusa winning an Emmy.”  To elaborate, what a piece of shit.  Jeremy Shockey might be the most unlikable person in the NFL.  He looks like a weird cross between Lord Boromir from “The Lord of the Rings”  and Kid Rock.  

SuperBowl Firsts

  • Drew Brees 32 completions ties him with Tom Brady for the most in a SuperBowl
  • Drew Brees and Manning’s completions (63) combine for the highest total of completions ever in a SuperBowl
  • Longest TD drive: 96 yards by the Colts
  • First time an onside kick has been attempted before the 4th quarter
  • Fewest Rushing Attempts by both teams (37)

The Saints, after a long, pathetic history, have reached the football promised land to capture their Superbowl.  Nothing left to do but have a parade and celebrate.  For the rest of us, its a long offseason featuring the trials and tribulations of Brett Favre’s retirement status, Mel Kiper’s Mock Drafts, and labor disputes between the NFLPA and the Owners that could eventually end in a lockout.  Can’t wait.



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