I’m going to start this one with a disclaimer: I really don’t know that much about the NBA, but I do love to hate on it.

Among many problems I have with the NBA I see two problems as the biggest: the gap of talent between teams, and the playoffs.

When last years NBA Champs the Los Angeles Lakers and this years worst team the New jersey Nets square off, you know who’s going to win. This isn’t necessarily the problem, but the fact that even when the mediocre teams play the Nets, you know who’s going to win. They might well go down as the worst team in NBA history, and possibly in sports history. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I know the Detroit Lions went 0-16 a couple years ago. The difference is that in the NFL a team has all week to prepare how to expose your flaws, an NBA might have a couple days. There is so little talent on that team its disgusting. They have only won 8% of their games so far (4-46). The Cavs have won almost 80% (41-11), and the Lakers aren’t that far behind them. I know that teams have very bad seasons, it happens, but really? This day in age theres so much talent to be had, and so much game tape to study, that you should win at least 15% of your games, which would give the Nets a whopping 8-42 record. Every NBA team should at least have the talent to beat the good teams on their worst night, and I am not confident the Nets can do that.

16 out of 30 teams make the playoffs. You don’t even have to be on the better half of the league to be in the playoffs. Last year, the Pistons made it to the NBA Playoffs with a 39-43 record, the year before that the Hawks made it with a 37-45 record. It’s gotten to the point where you can really and truly not even be a good team and make it to the playoffs, but why bother, you’re not going to beat the 1 seed anyway. If the NBA gets rid of at least 4 playoff  teams, talk to me, before then, I’m not an NBA fan in the least bit. Now onto my thoughts about our beloved 76ers.

The Current State of the Philadelphia 76ers

As of right now, our 1776ers are in 3rd in the Atlantic division, and 10th in the Eastern Conference. They are also 22nd overall in the league right now. This would put them 8th in the lottery right now, but only two spots out of the playoffs.

Today, I read that the Sixers may, in fact, be trying to reel in Amare Stoudemire. This would just be great, that might put the Sixers in the playoffs for the 3rd straight season. YAYY!!! Oh, how I would love to see our Sixers completely outmatched in the NBA postseason, again.  I’ll tell you what, if we can waste money on the huge contracts of Elton Brand AND Amare Stoudemire, both of whom are far past their prime, I would be absolutely delighted. The only way I would encourage the acquisition of Stoudemire is if they could get rid of either Brand and/or Sammy Dalembert. But really what we need more than Stoudemire is something like a 6’6” swing man, who can’t really shoot the 3 but can run and dunk really well. Oh wait, no we have that in Iguodala. And Carney. And Thaddeus Young. I’ll tell you what though, Eddie Jordan was a great hire. I mean the Sixers slogan last year was “Run with us,” so, naturally, lets bring in a coach who runs the slow-paced Princeton offense which allows for just about as little transition game as an offense can.

What would I do if I was Ed Stefanski? I would trade away every player I can. Just kidding, but really, I would trade 12 of the 15 players away, or not re-sign them at least. I’d keep Jrue Holliday, Marreese Speights, and Thaddeus Young. To the rest, see yaa. Brands contract is ridiculous for the numbers he doesn’t put up. Iguodala has to be the worst player in the league making the money he does. Lou Williams I wouldn’t completely mind sticking around actually, but not as a starter. I like what the Knicks have done, they have pretty much every contract on their team expiring just in time for quite possibly the best free agent class (if they all don’t re-sign) ever in the history of any sport. They can make some moves. The Sixers got nothing , we have Brand, and Iguodala performing mediocrely for the money they make, and Sammy D with probably the most undeserved contract in the history of sports. That is not really even an exaggeration. Trade the fake AI and all the first round picks in the next 10 years to the Nets and lets get John Wall.




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3 responses to “Unwatchable

  1. dan

    last year the 41-41 chicago bulls ranked 7th in the East took the 2nd ranked Celtics to an unbelievable 7-game series that saw 7 overtimes with one game going into 3OTs. Those 37-45 Hawks you mentioned the year before took the eventual NBA champion Celtics to another great 7 game series in the first round of the playoffs. the playoffs are a different game, and they are definitely worth watching.

  2. Matt C

    Dismissing a league because of its shitty teams is like not going to a high class restaurant because its soup sucks. The Nets are going to become 1 of 2 teams in NBA HISTORY to be below your 15% mark. They are historically bad.

    You want to talk about a predictable playoffs? How about one where the top seeds in each league that won 80+% regular seasons games each make it to the Super Bowl. BORING. (I’m kidding actually. I think the best teams winning is kind of the point of a playoff. Better than a team like the Jets whose QB can’t throw a football 20 yards almost getting to the Super Bowl because Peyton Manning didn’t play in the 2nd half of a game)

    Best advice I can give you about the “too many teams in the playoffs” thing; don’t watch the first round of the playoffs. The last three rounds are freaking awesome, much better than any sport, at least for me. And every once in a while you get a classic like Warriors/Mavs in ’07 or even Bulls/Celtics last year (yea i know Boston won) that you never would have gotten in the NFL/MLB

    Sorry about the rant,

  3. Matt C

    Oh, and the Sixers freaking suck and need to get rid of everyone but Holliday (Still haven’t seen Speights play defense or pass the ball once.) if they ever want to be good again

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