Floorslappers Part 2

Sorry for the long delay, but for some reason my Mom thinks my grades in school are more important than sharing my views on white stiffs with everyone on the internet.

8. Travis Diener- On paper Diener should be the number one floor slapper of all-time, lets take a quick look at his resume: Born in Wisconsin one of the whitest states ever, went to Marquette, point guard who loves to shoot the three, has played with some quality white guys (Steve Novak at Marquette, Tyler Hansborough, Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy while with the Pacers), and on top of all that nobody looks more like a floor slapper. No one on this list looks more like an alter boy/boy scout/science fair winner than Travis. He has no tattoos, plays hard, can shoot, and has probably never owned a rap cd or flat brim. So why is he so low on the list with such an impressive resume? Travis never really developed any douche like qualities that are needed to be an all-time floor slapper. I do respect him for getting a 3 year 15 million dollar deal, because if he can get 5 million a year for his basketball talent I should get at least 8 million a year for whatever the fuck I decide to do in my professional life.

7. Kyle Mcalarney- Huge bonus points for being the poster boy of the Outside the Lines report on the lack of white-american players in the NBA. If you haven’t seen it, Mcalarney essentially says that if he was black he would be in the NBA, and that NBA General Managers have a bias against players like him. I could not agree more, GM’s do have a bias against guys like him, guys who are slow, small, take bad shots, and who cannot play any defense. Kyle’s inclination to smoke pot hurt him severely, an elite floorslapper would never risk hurting his teams performance by experimenting with recreational street drugs.

6. The 2001 Trio of Indiana White Guys- My favorite trio of white guys in the history of the game, Kyle Hornsby, Tom Coverdale, and Dane Fife. Two of these three guys are already college coaches, need I say more?

Ron Mexico


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  1. Opdyke

    You wish you were Kyle Mcalarney.

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