Series Recap: Phillies at Natinals

In Short: Phils take the series 2 games to 1 behind a strong offense and impressive debuts by their offseason acquisitions.


Who’s Hot?- Roy Halladay.  As the opening day starter, Halladay went 7 innings in which he let up one run on 6 hits.  Oh, and he also racked up 9 Ks.  He was a little shaky in the first 2 innings, but we’ll play that off as first game jitters.  He settled in nicely and frustrated the Nats offense for the rest of the game.  If this is a sign of things to come, the offense won’t need to put up big numbers in order to win games for Halladay.  Don’t you love when trades work out?

Who’s Not?- Kyle Kendrick.  Poor first start of the season.  He gave up 5 runs off 6 hits in only 4 innings of work.  He got into trouble early and never had a chance to rebound.  Out of the 6 hits he let up, 4 of them were for extra bases (2 doubles, a triple, and a 2-run homer).


Who’s Hot?- Placido Polanco.  The newest Phillie for bandwagon fans to jump on.  Seriously though, he was the most underrated offseason pickup in all of baseball and in his first game, he shows his worth driving in 6 RBIs including a Grand Slam.  He’s no David Bell, but I’m sure Philly fans can warm up to Mr. Polanco.  Which got me thinking, he needs a catchy nickname.  We got JRoll, Chooch, Doc, Hollywood, The Big Man.  We’ll take suggestions in the comment section.

Who’s Not?- Raul Ibanez.  1 for 11.  We kind of saw this coming in Spring Training and it’s the first series.  Not going to lose sleep over it, it’s a long season.

Key Stats/Observations:

  • Phillies’ offseason outscores Washington 24-11
  • Phillies’ Pitchers: 11 BBs compared to 23 Ks
  • MLB Team Ranks: 1st in runs scored, 10th in ERA, 14th in fielding
  • I was watching the Nationals’ broadcast Monday and President Barrack Obama was invited into the booth during the 3rd inning.  Rob Dibble, upon complimenting on his White Sox, asked him who was his favorite player growing up.  The O man stuttered for about 5 minutes before not answering the question.  You kidding me?  Now, I can’t name many White Sox players past Shoeless Joe Jackson and Frank Thomas, but thats because I’m not from Chicago.  And not to get political, but neither is Obama.  Your acting sucks, Mr. President.
  • After Ryan Howard’s 2-Run blast in the opener, Gary “Sarge” Matthews did not make mention that it was, in fact, “Cadillac Time”.  Now, I know it was the first game, but please, the public needs to hear the catch phrase.  Otherwise, how on earth would we know if the player was in the Coupe DeVille as opposed to the El Dorado?  Lock it up, Sarge.

We would have loved a sweep to open the series, but 2 out of 1 ain’t bad.  The Phils are back in action tonight at Houston.  J.A. Happ will oppose Bud Norris, who may or may not be related to Chuck Norris.




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3 responses to “Series Recap: Phillies at Natinals

  1. Philsfan

    I was watching the Nationals’ broadcast as well and their announcers brought up a pretty good point. We need to dominate the Nats this year. Last season our dominance of the Nats was a very big part of us winning the division…and with how the Braves are looking this year its gonna be an even closer race. If we have more than 4 losses to the Nationals this season, I won’t be too happy.

    • fredex57

      If you look at the Nats’ rotation, I don’t think we will have a problem scoring runs when we play them this year. None of their pitchers are a high enough caliber to confuse our lineup. That being said, the bottom of our rotation and bullpen has to be on when we play the Nats. They have some good hitters and we can really screw ourselves in the later innings giving guys like Zimmerman an opportunity with RISP. The Phils have to put an emphasis on winning series; they have the bullseye and need to stay distant. Teams can’t gain ground if we go 2 for 1 every time.

  2. whiskas610

    i think we can go ahead and lump the mets in there too. just because they used to be our rivals when they were relevant doesnt mean they are any good anymore. the phils have done a good job beating up on them in recent years, and it needs to continue. a loss to any pitcher other than santana will sting a lot. marlins and braves have legit teams and hard-fought losses to them can be explained, but are we really gonna lose to oliver perez?

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