New Logo is Better than No Logo

So we have had a fun time so far writing on this blog, and as the Phillies are kicking into gear it’s probably time that the content and craziness will really start rolling in.  We hope you guys will keep reading as items go up because if you don’t then why the hell are we even writing these things?  Anyway, we’ve kind of felt like we needed to personalize the site a little more and start to distance it from the cookie-cutter image going on right now, so we tried to put together a little something for people to know us by.  Here’s what we came up with:

View From Broad Street LogoIf you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may know that we have considered making some T-Shirts.  We’d all be anxious to hear whether you guys agree that this might come out well on a shirt, and whether you might be interested in purchasing some.

We’re going to work on getting this onto the site permanently (we’re not exactly technical geniuses here, so bear with us), but for now enjoy looking at it here in all its amateur-photoshop glory.

By the way, props to Matt aka Bronco for making this look as smooth as it does.  My first attempt at making a logo looked about as bush-league as Chris Wheeler’s fist pumping in his leather jacket in the background of Harry’s World Series call.


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