Cinderella Story

On 11 April 2010, Portsmouth F.C. punched their ticket to the Football Association Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

The FA Cup is one of the biggest, most prestigious tournaments in all of soccer. Every team in Englands Football Association participates, this year a record number of 762 teams participated. That’s not an exaggeration. Through the first handful of rounds, another division joins in the tournament, with the final division being the Premier League. This obviously favors the teams in the Premier division on English soccer.

Portsmouth is in the middle one of the most interesting seasons in any sport ever. In the last calendar year they have had 4 owners 2 managers, the worst start in Premier League history, filed for bankruptcy, been docked 10 points in the standings for filing for bankruptcy, been allowed to sell players not in the transfer window, laid off 85 workers, and are probably going to finish as the worst English Premier League team in the long history of the league. Oh yeah, and now they’re in a Cup final?

I guess it’s a good thing they’re in this final, maybe they’ll make some money, and its definitely a perfect time to showcase their top talent to other clubs who are surely going to be looking to buy players from the struggling club. As relegation is a sure thing for Pompey, clubs all over the World will surely be calling whoever is running the club now (It’s hard to keep up) looking to bolster their own rosters. The only problem is that, quite frankly, Portsmouth only has maybe five players that are actually worth good money.

As their opponents Chelsea have already locked up a UEFA Champions League spot for next season, Portsmouth are granted a spot in the UEFA Cup, Europes secondary club competition. But, with the club in financial turmoil, they did not file for a UEFA license before the 1 March deadline and are not eligible to play in any cup competition run by UEFA next season. Naturally, they are now fighting to earn their spot in the UEFA Cup. Why? I have no idea. They will surely be out of that competition within minutes. A mass exodus is surely going to happen in the coming months at Portsmouth, and quite frankly, they’ll embarrass themselves and all of English soccer competing in that competition.

The date is set, Portsmouth vs. Chelsea 15 May 2010, Wembley Stadium. This is very possibly the worst F.A. Cup Final matchup ever, and could end up as the most lopsided final ever, too. Chelsea F.C. is not only one of the richest, most popular sports teams in the whole World right now, but also in first place in the Barclays Premier League. They are in great form, and barring injury will surely beat up on Pompey. Or will this Cinderella story end happily?

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  1. John Mulhern

    I fucking hate your soccer stories, stop writing them.

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