Round One

I’m going to start with my thoughts on the 2010 Draft in general, then tell you what I think of the Eagles move to get Brandon Graham.

First of all, the fact that it is now a three day event is just ridiculous. While ESPN is NOT showing the NHL playoffs because of God knows why, they’re showing us the NFL Draft. Don’t get me wrong I love Mel Kipers slicked back hair and how he actually thinks he’s useful for ESPN but c’mon man (NFL Live anyone?). The Draft should start on Saturday at noon, go for 3 rounds which should be televised, and then Sunday the last 4 rounds should happen untelevised. Have you ever watched the last 4 rounds? It is all the analysts sitting there continuing to break down every first round pick like we don’t already know their whole goddamn life story from the 8,000 hours of draft coverage between the end of football season and the draft.

The top 9 picks didn’t really surprise anyone. I hope pick #8 tears his ACL every year of his career, but the Jacksonville Jaguars at pick #10 came up with a doosie. Tyson Alualu out of Cal. A projected late first to second round pick went 10th overall. Are you kidding me Jacksonville? Do you pay attention when the Eagles are on the clock, don’t you know you can trade down? I don’t know much about this guy, which says a lot. Because out of the 8,000 hours of draft coverage, I probably watched 7,000. So if I don’t really know you, and you get drafted, you’re not that good. And 10 overall is just ridiculous.

The Broncos gave up a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round pick to get Tebow at 25. That is just plain silly. The Bills were the only other team interested in picking him in the top 32, and they also were going to have to trade up to get there. I think the Broncos could have waited and maybe saved a pick if they tried to move up to maybe pick 30. That being said, props to Josh McDaniels for having balls to not only pick Tebow, but to trade up to get a guy he wanted.

The Eagles traded up and got Brandon Graham. He’s probably going to play DE, but he can also play linebacker. Overall, I like him, but I’m not so sure about right here. I think they should have picked a defensive back here. Earl Thomas was still on the board. I think he would have been a great pick, but that is who we expected and when do the Eagles do anything expected. The Birds have pick 37 overall, look to see a DB here, hopefully. In reality, I’d rather see them trade it for an established defensive back but I doubt that happens.

The real question today is when is the best running back in the draft going to get drafted, and by who? Yes, I’m talking about former Auburn standout Ben Tate. I hate the combine, but, if you like it, he put up ridiculous numbers there. He had the best speed score out of any running back. He benched more than most lineman, and still ran the 3rd fastest 40 out of the RB’s. He ran for 1300 yards in his senior season, where he shared carries with 2 other people, and Auburn set school records in almost every passing category. Oh yeah, and he never fumbled one single time in 4 years at Auburn, which plays in a real conference unlike Ryan Matthews.


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  1. fredex57

    Interesting to see what the Eagles do with Graham. OLB or DE; they could use both.

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