Series Recap: Phils at Dbags

In Short: Poor starting pitching and a plethora of homers benefit the Diamondbacks as the Phils lose 2 out of 3 in Arizona over the weekend.


Who’s Hot- Nelson Figueroa.  The long reliever was able to get through 5 innings and, in my mind, exceeded expectations as he got the no decision in his start Saturday night.  He was given a tough task, but was just good enough to keep the Phils in the game and ultimately pick up the much needed win.  Good work being a starter, but let’s hope that he never has to do an encore performance.

Who’s Not- Cole Hamels.  He let up 4 home runs in his start Friday night.  That’s right, 4.  For how dominant Cole looked last Sunday in his 8 inning gem, this game was at the complete opposite end of the spectrum: very embarrassing and extremely frustrating to watch.  Does this mean Hamels’ outings for the remainder of the season will be a Jekyll and Hyde scenario?  Let’s hope not, but right now his moments of brilliance are being out weighed by the bad.


Who’s Hot- Jayson Werth.  The only member of our 3-4-5 hitters who is actually hitting right now.  Werth has been picking up the slack the past couple of games and single handedly provided the offense Saturday night.  His 2 Hrs, one being the game winner, were the reason that the Phillies won that game and avoided a series sweep.  Honorable mention to Ruiz for his 2 out, 2 RBI single in Sunday’s Loss.  He was 1 for 17 coming into the game with RISP.  That’s what we call getting off the schnide, Chooch.

Who’s Not- Chase Utley and Ryan Howard.  The Phillies offense has been stalled recently by the lack of production from the 3-4 hitters.  This weekend, they went 3 for 24 with 9 Ks.  Howard seems more like a defensive replacement than a premier slugger.  He hasn’t gone yard since April 10th while in Houston.  The Phillies have a great lineup, but these guys count for half of it and without them it’s not the same team.

Standings/MLB Ranks/Stats

Standings after week 3:

  1. Philadelphia 11-7
  2. Florida 10-9
  3. Washington 10-9
  4. New York  9-9
  5. Atlanta 8-9

Again, Phils could have separated themselves from the rest of the pack with a good showing in Arizona.  What’s the over under for when the Nationals start to tank?  May what?

  • 2nd in NL in Batting; 3rd in MLB
  • 7th in NL in ERA; 13th in MLB
  • 1st in NL in Fielding %; 3rd in MLB
  • 2nd in MLB in RS (104); 20th in RA (73)
  • Dbacks outscored the Phils 17-13 this weekend; 14 of 17 runs came way of the long ball.  Phillies pitching gave up 8 home runs in total.  Super.

Next Series: At San Francisco

Phils start up the last series for this road trip Monday night as they go to San Fran to play three against the Giants.  The match up will feature arguably the two best RHP in the NL with Roy Halladay on Monday and Tim Lincecum on Wednesday.  Right now, the Phils are 3-3 on the road trip and need to take the first game to give themselves a shot at winning the series.  With Halladay on the mound tomorrow, the Phils can be confident going into the game and you can bet the bullpen is looking forward to a day off after this past weekend.  That being said, the Phils offense needs a jump start and it needs to come from the middle of the lineup.  Utley needs to get back into the groove he had going earlier this month and give the pitching staff leads to work with.  Coming back home with another winning road trip would bode well as we get ready to go into the second month of the season.

Also, I saw another fake green man during the Phillies’ broadcast this afternoon.  To everyone who thinks they can pull off green man, you can’t so stop trying.  I’m getting sick of seeing sucky green man wannabes killing the joke.  All you are doing by putting on the green man costume is saying that you’re an unoriginal loser who paid $70 for the costume and now you need to justify that expenditure by wearing it to sporting event.  Leave the comedy to the professionals and leave green man to the professional: Charlie Kelly…



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