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One Cup, One Dream

The friendlies are done; the preparations are almost over, the cup almost here.

In just under six days time, South Africa will be hosting Mexico in the opening match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In just over seven days time, The United States will start their cup run against perennial power England.

12 years ago, US Soccer executives initiated what was call project 2010. The goal of the project: To develop the US Soccer program into a legitimate threat to come home with the FIFA World Cup trophy.

A week from today, the whole world will find out how legitimate a threat the U.S. National Team is, how successful project 2010 was.

I would say that June 12, 2010 is the single most important day in United States Soccer history. When the U.S. drew England as their first opponent, many were worried, some were excited, I was going crazy. England is the perfect opponent for the U.S. to play in their first game of the World Cup. This match will be watched in the states more than any other U.S. Soccer game ever. The 23 players that will wear the US jersey in South Africa next Saturday have a chance to win over the hearts of millions of Americans just dying for a reason to get behind this team.

Stay tuned for more on the World Cup.



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