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Is It Just Me? Vol. 2

Well I promised that this would be a recurring segment, and here I am to deliver.  Just enough time has passed for a new round of “Is It Just Me’s” and I think all of our loyal readers are looking forward to another Boy Meets World episode to really sink their teeth into.

So here we go, we’ll start off with the Boy Meets World episode, a somewhat fitting exhibit of frustration that most of us no doubt felt last night as the Phillies were being no-hit through 7 2/3 innings:

The full episode, titled “They’re Killing Us,” first appeared during the tail end of the heyday of TGIF in October of 1999, in the seventh and final season of Boy Meets World.  The show had taken on a more mature sense of humor since the days of leaving one’s sister in the house alone because Lenny Dykstra was at the local pizza shop, and Eric had completed his transformation from womanizing heartthrob airhead to borderline retarded wackjob.  Watch as Corey is forced to evaluate his life relationships in deciding between his best friend and his only brother for his best man, fat Topanga has to make some dumb decisions about dresses, and of course Feeney and hot old Morgan provide comic relief.  The link to the first part of the episode is here (

Don’t forget, there will be a short analytical paper due around Thanksgiving on the socio-cultural relevancy of Boy Meets World as a representation of middle-class white America.  Just kidding, but seriously, pay attention to the episodes.  Now for our feature presentation “Is It Just Me? Volume 2.”

Is it just me or are Tom McCarthy’s man boobs getting a little out of hand?  I mean dude, there’s already enough to dislike about you.  No need to give people the luxury of poking fun at your physique.  You spend your life surrounded by professional athletes.  I’m sure the club would give you access to some kind of workout equipment so it doesn’t look like their head play-by-play guy is in the middle of hormone injections for a sex change.  Somebody get that man a Shake Weight

Or at the very least a Slim T

I think I watch too much TV.  A pic of McCarthy for reference:

Remember, black is a *slimming* color

Is it just me or are might the Eagles REALLY suck this year?  I have absolutely no confidence in their defense (sorry Stew Bradley, but coming off major knee surgery I’m not sure I can dive right in to expecting you to turn around a defense that was downright bad last year).  The offensive line will not take a preseason snap as a full five-man unit.  DeSean Jackson seems to suffer a minor tweak at least once a week, and has the AI/B.West syndrome of playing super hard with a tiny frame, which we’ve seen leads to injury problems.  Oh, and Kevin Kolb has yet to throw a touchdown pass and Michael Vick still can’t hit receivers consistently.

That said, it’s just the preseason and teams who suck in the preseason don’t necessarily suck in the regular season.  Fingers crossed, right?

Is it just me or has there not been enough made of TWO Phillies getting picked off in the Houston series in huge spots?  First Jayson Werth was too cool to get back to second on a throwdown from the catcher (tough to blame him as he was probably checking out some of the thousands of girls who think they’re unique for bringing a sign to the game about how much they love him) and then Ben Francisco got tripped up on his way back to third because he was backpedaling and went off line.  Both were in scoring position during games where the Phils desperately needed a run, and both ended the scoring threat.  It’s a joke.

Is it just me or did you not care about how that crazy 16-inning game against the Astros ended up?  Yeah, Ryan Howard should have been more careful not to get ejected, but the wackiness that ensued was totally worth the loss.  I’ve never seen the big man so angry and been so fearful for the safety of an umpire.  Also, please do not tell me that his being out of the game cost the Phillies because he should have been up at the end instead of Roy Oswalt.  If Howard had been in the game, they never would have intentionally walked Chase Utley to get to the four-hitter, and if they’re pitching to Chase the way he’s hit since he’s been back it’s not that different than having a pitcher up there.  Any Howard vs. Ibañez at first complaints are totally legit though.

Is it just me or should the Sixers be concerned that Andres Nocioni, recently acquired from the Kings for the most undeservingly discontent player in Philly history (read: Sam Dalembert), was too injured to compete in the FIBA World Championships for his native Argentina?  Yeah, that probably is just me.  Nobody gives a crap about the Sixers and nobody will until they give us a reason to.

Speaking of which, is it just me or should fans boycott the Sxers’ first game against the Heat?  Hear me out here, since I know it won’t happen with the Greed Team coming to town.  First of all, Philly fans have already done a pretty good job boycotting the Sixers already.  Freakin no one shows up at those games.  Second, the Sixers have jacked up the prices of tickets to that game because they know it will be the only game they sell out all year.  Also, eff those guys.  How can you like a team full of front-running prima donna mercenaries like the Miami Heat?  At that point you should probably just customize a Heat jersey with “DOUCHE” as the name and 69 as the number to identify yourself as the target of my anger.

Is it just me or is Darrelle Revis’ holdout one of the most justified we’ve seen in recent years?  Dude carried that team last year all the way to an AFC Championship Game berth and was allegedly told the day after the season ended that the Jets would make him the highest-paid corner in the league.  It’s not his fault if you’re gonna talk like that and then not back it up.  Give the man his money.

Is it just me or do newspapers, blogs, websites, and everything in between really need to stop playing on Roy Halladay’s last name as if it were Holiday?  It’s not his name.  The first syllable of his name rhymes with Al, Sal, pal, gal, etc.  Nobody knows how to pronounce our ace’s name and I’m not saying it’s all on the headline-writers, but they’re certainly not helping.  Just wait til basketball season.  There’s a player on that team whose name is actually Holiday.

Thanks for indulging me these random, often-unconnected thoughts and feel free to comment to dispute them or to submit one of your own.  Or, email them to and I’ll pass them off as my own in the next installment.



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Highlight of the Week

This kid I seriously think almost gets killed. This hit is crazy, and so much better because it is against former host of “Two-A-Days” Hoover High School.

Stay tuned for a college football preview this week

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The MLB Umpire Complex

When I was in 8th grade playing for St. Philip Neri, I vividly remember an after practice speech by our head coach Mr. Liberatore.  The game before, one of our players tried to argue balls and strikes with the ump.  Obviously, the pleading fell on deaf ears; the guy was being a douche.  To quote Mr. Liberatore’s wisdom, “Fellas, you never talk back to the umpire.  He is infallible on the baseball field.  When you have a question, you need to refer to him as Mr. Umpire or Blue.”  Infallible.  Yeah, also add stubborn asshole.

The most hated official in all of pro sports has to be the Major League Umpire.  With subjective strike zones and pharaohesque immunity on all decisions, they are a group of individuals that sports fans love to hate.  Especially with the multitude of bad calls this year, including the worst call in the history of bad timing, Umpires are going to be viewed under a microscope this offseason and winter meetings.  The topic of conversation?  Their relevance in the age of technology and 40 camera angles.

Let’s look at the past 2 Phils games.  Monday night, 8th inning.  Michael Bourn appears to be both tagged by Ryan Howard and wander outside the base path. 1b umpire calls him safe and refuses to ask for help from the home plate umpire.  Manuel comes out and gets ejected after arguing for a good 5 minutes, mainly pointing out a huge divot created by Bourn as he tried to elude the tag which was clearly outside the base path.  The guy stood their like a stubborn douche and wouldn’t change the call or even hear the argument.  Bourn ended up being the winning run in a 3-2 loss.  Last night, 3b umpire calls two strike appeals against Howard in the bottom of the 14th.  Howard was probably guilty on both accounts, not going to argue that.  However, the guy was pompous about it, mimicking Howard’s movements and provoking Howard’s frustration before ejecting him.  Then he ran away from Howard before he could go medieval on his ass.  There’s a word for people like him: Twerp.  Phillies had to continue with Oswalt in Left Field and turned one of the best games of the season into a bizarre Phillies surrender in the 16th with Oswalt grounding out to 3rd.

These two incidents show the Major League umpire complex: I’m a great umpire who sees everything and anything right the first time.  And if you try to gang up on me and make me look stupid, I’m not going to let you finish the game because I can so there.  It’s like that loser in any argument who refuses to admit he’s wrong even when 3 people say he is and the conversation turns when he changes the subject by bringing up something completely embarrassing or irrelevant about you to get you to shut up.  I think this Family guy clip is appropriate:

Fans hate when umpires get calls wrong, but they understand when it happens.  Human error is prevalent and unavoidable.  What really pisses people off is the double standard.  How can they be wrong yet still be right as long as they don’t admit they are wrong?  How does that make sense?  Shouldn’t there be some sort of check and balance other than public opinion or do they enjoy being hated?  Definitely within the next 3 years, there will be a huge push to weed out some of the longstanding, tenured, ego-maniacal umpires throughout mlb.  They already have more enemies than friends and there will be an interest in experimenting with new technology.  I mean why wouldn’t MLB want to better their product?  It would speed up the game, no reason to argue with higher intelligence.  Although, seeing uncle cholly try to explain how the technology works would be pretty hysterical.

And if MLB stays the course?  Well, no game is perfect, but think of this.  With a game that is so anal on stats and numbers, why wouldn’t they want to standardize balls and strikes?  A strikeout would be a strikeout, a walk is clearly a walk.  So what if it takes away the drama of the human element?  We want the players to make plays, get hits, make pitches.  Not have umpires make drama, the game has enough already.  No reason for beat writers to waste time writing about bad calls and who got screwed.  We already know the MLB has no sympathy for umpires anyways, so getting rid of them won’t be a huge deal.  Search Eric Gregg and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Until then, all we can do is sit around as we watch these jamokes make a combined effort in becoming obsolete.  And all that while, we’ll want to give them our best Cameron impression.

-Fred Ex

PS- Is it just me or has Jimmy Johnson lost all dignity for himself?

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Highlight of the Week

Doesn’t break stride, doesn’t spill anything, and makes a one-handed catch. Let’s see Todd Pinkston do that.

This happened just a little bit of time ago.

1 word comes to mind: Pussy. Philadelphia is officially ten times cooler than Houston.


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Is It Just Me?

In what I find it almost impossible to believe is the first ever “Boy Meets World” reference here on The View from Broad Street, I’d like to begin a segment that will appear either every week or every two weeks called “Is It Just Me?”  Assuming that I am one of very few people who understand that this is a nod to the immortal Corey Matthews, I refer you to the opening scene of an episode in the 4th season called “Chick Like Me.”

Also, if you can, I would highly recommend watching the complete episode for the BMW foray into cross-dressing that leaves you wondering if it’s alright to be attracted to Shawn when he’s dressed as a girl and then hits hard at the end with a lesson about the pressures of teenage dating from the female perspective.  Also, if it’s on the internet version, make sure to watch for the ending credits where Corey drops the classic line about his female undergarments.

Anyway, on to the first edition of “Is It Just Me?”

Is it just me or did Chooch cement himself as the Phillies ‘010 MVP this week?  Not only is he the clutchest player on the team this year and hitting .300, but he has the top three pitchers looking like their Cy Young-candidate selves (and doesn’t let Kendrick or Blanton lose too many games for them), gives postgame interviews that make you want to adopt him, and has Genesis’ “In the Air Tonight” as his at-bat music.  I made it to my first game last night and heard this for the first time and it made me like Chooch more than anything he’s done over the last three years.  Well, except maybe for scoring the clinching run when Jimmy Rollins got this hit.

Is it just me or is the Sixers -Nets executive incest getting a little creepy?  First the Sixers hire Ed Stefansk as their new GM two years ago.  OK, local guy, helped build the good Jason Kidd-led Nets teams of the early 2000s, well respected around the league.  Fine.  Say what you will about Stefanski’s moves since becoming GM and the team’s performance, I agreed with most of what he’s done at the time he did it, even though things haven’t panned out for the most part.  Then, a few weeks ago, presumably-dunk owner Mikhael Prokerov and the Nets hired Billy King as their new GM.  I mean who wouldn’t with Billy’s impeccable record of overspending for mediocre talent?  If not for the fact that he’s never sexually assaulted an employee, Billy King would be up there with Isaiah Thomas in the conversation for worst NBA GM in the modern era.  Now, the Sixers have hired Rod Thorn, Stefanski’s right-hand-man in Jersey, to complete the swap of front-office minds that have left the Sixers and Nets in or around the lottery since 2003.  Nice.

Is it just me or did it make ABSOLUTELY NO FRIGGIN’ SENSE AT ALL when the Phillies fired Milt Thompson as hitting coach and brought in Greg Gross who happened to be THE LAST GUY THEY FIRED FROM THE SAME JOB???  As you can tell, I lose my finger-lickin’ mind when I think/ talk about this because of how idiotic the logic is.  No slight to Gross, and obviously he’s doing something right (as much as any hitting coach can I guess) since the Phils have been killing the ball since his return.  But seriously, Rube (that’s my pet name for Phillies GM Reuben Amaro Jr. … were best buds) how does it make sense in any way to fire a guy in favor of another guy, do really well under the second guy, and then fire the second guy in order to shake things up on a slumping team and bring back the original guy who you had already decided wasn’t good enough at that job to keep it.  I’ll tell you how, it DOESN’T.  It does not make sense, and it’s probably shortening my life just thinking about it.

Is it just me or should no one ever wear the number 84 for the Eagles ever again?  I saw Freddie Mitchell on the Jumbo-Tron at the Phillies game last night (and got some weird looks because of the excitement with which I yelped “Freddie! That’s Freddie Mitchell!”) and it got me thinking how the last two people to wear 84 for the Eagles have been

  1. A guy who had more self-declared nicknames and lingering child-support lawsuits (at least 5 that I know of between the names and suits) than important NFL catches (3 by my count: 4th and 26, that weird one where the ball popped out of LJ Smith’s hands, and the McNabb scramble play against the Cowboys), and
  2. A 6-foot-4 giant who couldn’t catch a red-zone touchdown if it were a case of chlamydia at the Playboy Mansion and married a woman who formerly lived in that very mansion, resulting in a reality TV career slightly less pathetic than Terrell Owens’

Note: The last player before these two to wear 8-4 for the Birds was none other than Luther Broughton, who finished a prolific 4-year NFL career with the Eagles and Panthers with a total of 634 career all-purpose yards.

Is it just me or is it time for Sarge Matthews to give up on the earring?  Seriously, man.  You’re old.

Is it just me or is Brett Favre a gunslinger who just likes to play the game like a kid and really have fun out there while making his teammates better and being a total gamer and wearing the hell out of that pair of Wrangler Jeans? Oh, that’s not just me?  Damn, I thought it was.

Well I think that about does it for what I’ve got for now, but suggestions are always welcome in the comments or at  I’ll be back soon with more stupid useless commentary and another plug for a classic “Boy Meets World” episode.

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Sports Officiating Replays

First off, there is no way that we will ever know what the perfect solution is to this problem, lets just get that straight. But, with recent events such as Armando Galarraga’s just barely imperfect game, and the entire World Cup officiating debacle, the arguments of the use of replay have surfaced yet again, and with much more firepower. So, being the great guy I am, I will outline sport by sport what I think the extent of replay use should be.

Football: Football, I think, was the first to institute the use of any kind of replay in its sport. I also think they have it almost perfect in the amount replay is used, however, I think that coaches both in college, and the NFL, should start with 2 challenges. For every correct challenge, they should receive an extra challenge. This would reward coaches for getting the best out of officials. It wouldn’t slow the game down that much, because I do believe that with a failed challenge, you should still lose a timeout, and we all know how important timeouts are in the last 3-4 minutes of a game. Unfortunately, Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid never figured out their importance.

Basketball: Basketball has it pretty much perfect as well. Every last second shot should be reviewed, no questions asked. No challenges, but I do think boundary plays should be reviewed by, for lack of a better word, the booth, as it is called in football.

Hockey: I suggest no changes to hockey’s replay system. Goals get reviewed by the “War room,” and sometimes then get reviewed by the game referees.

Soccer: Soccer, is the only sport in this article with no replay rule at all. This is how it should be. But, I think some technology wouldn’t hurt. There has been a ton of talk about putting a chip in the ball and a sensor on the goal line and I see no reason why they should not have them. I also think, for offside calls, they should have 2 sideline referees on each side. It just doesn’t make sense to me that this does not already exist. Obviously, referees will make more correct calls, especially on boundary calls, and offside calls if they only have to cover half of one sideline rather than a whole sideline by themselves.

Baseball: This is in my opinion the toughest to decide. What they have going with the home runs is good, I think it should be extended to the foul calls too, though.  Balls and strikes should not be touched, I think everyone agrees on that. “The booth” should review close plays at all bases. Apparently, according to ESPN’s Outside the Lines, there are 1.3 close calls per game. This would only slow the game down as much as the readjustment of batting gloves every single pitch, or for that matter, mound visits.

I don’t care enough about any other sport to consider their replay rules.



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Highlight of the Week

Sorry for the video quality. Unfortunately, had this save not been made, Tottenham would be tied for points after week one with 3. That being said, this is one hell of a save.

Keep in mind, the goalie who made this save was Englands 3rd string goalie in South Africa. 2 spots behind my personal favorite soccer player of all time, Robert Green. This is a reminder why Green is my favorite.

Thank you, Robert.



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