Phillies Alumni Weekend and other general thoughts about the Fightins’

So I took the summer off; to catch you up to speed:

Phils had a good start-went into a huge slump-now their only a half  game back in the wild card and 2 games back in the division.  During this time, they have used over 40 players.  That’s right, there have been over 40 different players to don the pinstripes this year.  Safe to say there is still hope we may see a Brandon Duckworth sighting before the year is through.  The duck pond is standing by…

Anyways, Alumni weekend has come and gone.  Phils take 2 out of 3 from the Mets, probably should have swept, but with all the reserves in the lineup its not surprising Johan Santana was able to keep us scoreless.  In case you missed it, Darren Daulton went into the Phils wall of fame on Friday.  Not saying this isn’t well deserved, but Dutch’s induction is really a tip of the hat to the entire 1993 roster.  The wild bunch shouldn’t have gone as far as they did that year and Dutch was the ring leader, so naturally he gets the nod.  So what if he thinks he has traveled through time or the world will end in 2 years, he was classic Phillie and the number one Phillie heartthrob according to Mary Pichola (Travis Lee is a close second).

Author’s Note:  I think from now on I’m going to start incorporating my mom’s general sports comments into my posts.  Other than being really superficial and obvious, hopefully they can provide comic relief.

Anyways, some general thoughts and observations regarding this weekend:

  • Cole Hamels has to be recognized as the Phillie’s Number 2: Getting Oswalt was a huge addition to this staff, but Hamels has pitched well enough to be considered the 2nd in command.  I’m pretty sure Charlie knows this too; it would be a poor decision to go R,R,L during the postseason.  Speaking as a Phils fan, the guy deserves it.  He has been outshadowed by Halladay’s consistent mastery this season, yet has accepted his backseat role and seems to get better from start to start.  His run support has been atrocious and his record does not indicate in the slightest his contribution to the 2010 squad.  Saturday night was a microcosm to the entire year: going 7 innings and letting up one run only to end up with a loss.  It’s the year of the pitcher, and the Phillies’ starting rotation is keeping the rest of the walking wounded relevant in the playoff race.
  • Brad Lidge isn’t so bad–at home: Say what you want, I’m still a Brad Believer.  You have to be at this point cause there really isn’t another option, but honestly, the past two saves reassure my faith in the Phils’ bullpen.  It’s not the 2008 campaign, but Madson is still the bridge in the 8th inning and that part of the team actually has some familiarity.  Of course this trust goes day to day, but for right now, I’m buying in.
  • Don’t be surprised if Domonic Brown gets sent down again: Good player; tremendous upside; not quite there yet.  It kills me to say it too because i’m not a Ben Francisco fan at all, but he is the better player right now.  Next year, he is definitely on the opening day roster because he reeks of star power, but right now it seems that his stock is only dropping with each at bat.  His fielding has been subpar at best as well.
  • Awkward moment during telecast: Friday’s telecast, 7th inning: Wheels called Tmac Harry.  Very subtle, but if anyone saw this, please chime in with thoughts.  This just validates that no matter what McCarthy does from now until he leaves the Phillies organization, he will never be comparable to the late Harry Kalas.
  • Mike Sweeney’s plate song is “Holy Diver”: Why is this important?  Pat Burrell’s plate song was “Holy Diver”.  Yeah, that’s right, thee Pat Burrell. You may have heard of him after he had sex with your sister in your toy room.

That’s all I have for now.  For the blog’s next post, I’m sure Bronco will give us an update on the Union’s 2 losses this past week and an explanation for why this relevant.  Spoiler alert: it’s not.

-Frederick Ex


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