Is It Just Me?

In what I find it almost impossible to believe is the first ever “Boy Meets World” reference here on The View from Broad Street, I’d like to begin a segment that will appear either every week or every two weeks called “Is It Just Me?”  Assuming that I am one of very few people who understand that this is a nod to the immortal Corey Matthews, I refer you to the opening scene of an episode in the 4th season called “Chick Like Me.”

Also, if you can, I would highly recommend watching the complete episode for the BMW foray into cross-dressing that leaves you wondering if it’s alright to be attracted to Shawn when he’s dressed as a girl and then hits hard at the end with a lesson about the pressures of teenage dating from the female perspective.  Also, if it’s on the internet version, make sure to watch for the ending credits where Corey drops the classic line about his female undergarments.

Anyway, on to the first edition of “Is It Just Me?”

Is it just me or did Chooch cement himself as the Phillies ‘010 MVP this week?  Not only is he the clutchest player on the team this year and hitting .300, but he has the top three pitchers looking like their Cy Young-candidate selves (and doesn’t let Kendrick or Blanton lose too many games for them), gives postgame interviews that make you want to adopt him, and has Genesis’ “In the Air Tonight” as his at-bat music.  I made it to my first game last night and heard this for the first time and it made me like Chooch more than anything he’s done over the last three years.  Well, except maybe for scoring the clinching run when Jimmy Rollins got this hit.

Is it just me or is the Sixers -Nets executive incest getting a little creepy?  First the Sixers hire Ed Stefansk as their new GM two years ago.  OK, local guy, helped build the good Jason Kidd-led Nets teams of the early 2000s, well respected around the league.  Fine.  Say what you will about Stefanski’s moves since becoming GM and the team’s performance, I agreed with most of what he’s done at the time he did it, even though things haven’t panned out for the most part.  Then, a few weeks ago, presumably-dunk owner Mikhael Prokerov and the Nets hired Billy King as their new GM.  I mean who wouldn’t with Billy’s impeccable record of overspending for mediocre talent?  If not for the fact that he’s never sexually assaulted an employee, Billy King would be up there with Isaiah Thomas in the conversation for worst NBA GM in the modern era.  Now, the Sixers have hired Rod Thorn, Stefanski’s right-hand-man in Jersey, to complete the swap of front-office minds that have left the Sixers and Nets in or around the lottery since 2003.  Nice.

Is it just me or did it make ABSOLUTELY NO FRIGGIN’ SENSE AT ALL when the Phillies fired Milt Thompson as hitting coach and brought in Greg Gross who happened to be THE LAST GUY THEY FIRED FROM THE SAME JOB???  As you can tell, I lose my finger-lickin’ mind when I think/ talk about this because of how idiotic the logic is.  No slight to Gross, and obviously he’s doing something right (as much as any hitting coach can I guess) since the Phils have been killing the ball since his return.  But seriously, Rube (that’s my pet name for Phillies GM Reuben Amaro Jr. … were best buds) how does it make sense in any way to fire a guy in favor of another guy, do really well under the second guy, and then fire the second guy in order to shake things up on a slumping team and bring back the original guy who you had already decided wasn’t good enough at that job to keep it.  I’ll tell you how, it DOESN’T.  It does not make sense, and it’s probably shortening my life just thinking about it.

Is it just me or should no one ever wear the number 84 for the Eagles ever again?  I saw Freddie Mitchell on the Jumbo-Tron at the Phillies game last night (and got some weird looks because of the excitement with which I yelped “Freddie! That’s Freddie Mitchell!”) and it got me thinking how the last two people to wear 84 for the Eagles have been

  1. A guy who had more self-declared nicknames and lingering child-support lawsuits (at least 5 that I know of between the names and suits) than important NFL catches (3 by my count: 4th and 26, that weird one where the ball popped out of LJ Smith’s hands, and the McNabb scramble play against the Cowboys), and
  2. A 6-foot-4 giant who couldn’t catch a red-zone touchdown if it were a case of chlamydia at the Playboy Mansion and married a woman who formerly lived in that very mansion, resulting in a reality TV career slightly less pathetic than Terrell Owens’

Note: The last player before these two to wear 8-4 for the Birds was none other than Luther Broughton, who finished a prolific 4-year NFL career with the Eagles and Panthers with a total of 634 career all-purpose yards.

Is it just me or is it time for Sarge Matthews to give up on the earring?  Seriously, man.  You’re old.

Is it just me or is Brett Favre a gunslinger who just likes to play the game like a kid and really have fun out there while making his teammates better and being a total gamer and wearing the hell out of that pair of Wrangler Jeans? Oh, that’s not just me?  Damn, I thought it was.

Well I think that about does it for what I’ve got for now, but suggestions are always welcome in the comments or at  I’ll be back soon with more stupid useless commentary and another plug for a classic “Boy Meets World” episode.


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