Is It Just Me? Vol. 2

Well I promised that this would be a recurring segment, and here I am to deliver.  Just enough time has passed for a new round of “Is It Just Me’s” and I think all of our loyal readers are looking forward to another Boy Meets World episode to really sink their teeth into.

So here we go, we’ll start off with the Boy Meets World episode, a somewhat fitting exhibit of frustration that most of us no doubt felt last night as the Phillies were being no-hit through 7 2/3 innings:

The full episode, titled “They’re Killing Us,” first appeared during the tail end of the heyday of TGIF in October of 1999, in the seventh and final season of Boy Meets World.  The show had taken on a more mature sense of humor since the days of leaving one’s sister in the house alone because Lenny Dykstra was at the local pizza shop, and Eric had completed his transformation from womanizing heartthrob airhead to borderline retarded wackjob.  Watch as Corey is forced to evaluate his life relationships in deciding between his best friend and his only brother for his best man, fat Topanga has to make some dumb decisions about dresses, and of course Feeney and hot old Morgan provide comic relief.  The link to the first part of the episode is here (

Don’t forget, there will be a short analytical paper due around Thanksgiving on the socio-cultural relevancy of Boy Meets World as a representation of middle-class white America.  Just kidding, but seriously, pay attention to the episodes.  Now for our feature presentation “Is It Just Me? Volume 2.”

Is it just me or are Tom McCarthy’s man boobs getting a little out of hand?  I mean dude, there’s already enough to dislike about you.  No need to give people the luxury of poking fun at your physique.  You spend your life surrounded by professional athletes.  I’m sure the club would give you access to some kind of workout equipment so it doesn’t look like their head play-by-play guy is in the middle of hormone injections for a sex change.  Somebody get that man a Shake Weight

Or at the very least a Slim T

I think I watch too much TV.  A pic of McCarthy for reference:

Remember, black is a *slimming* color

Is it just me or are might the Eagles REALLY suck this year?  I have absolutely no confidence in their defense (sorry Stew Bradley, but coming off major knee surgery I’m not sure I can dive right in to expecting you to turn around a defense that was downright bad last year).  The offensive line will not take a preseason snap as a full five-man unit.  DeSean Jackson seems to suffer a minor tweak at least once a week, and has the AI/B.West syndrome of playing super hard with a tiny frame, which we’ve seen leads to injury problems.  Oh, and Kevin Kolb has yet to throw a touchdown pass and Michael Vick still can’t hit receivers consistently.

That said, it’s just the preseason and teams who suck in the preseason don’t necessarily suck in the regular season.  Fingers crossed, right?

Is it just me or has there not been enough made of TWO Phillies getting picked off in the Houston series in huge spots?  First Jayson Werth was too cool to get back to second on a throwdown from the catcher (tough to blame him as he was probably checking out some of the thousands of girls who think they’re unique for bringing a sign to the game about how much they love him) and then Ben Francisco got tripped up on his way back to third because he was backpedaling and went off line.  Both were in scoring position during games where the Phils desperately needed a run, and both ended the scoring threat.  It’s a joke.

Is it just me or did you not care about how that crazy 16-inning game against the Astros ended up?  Yeah, Ryan Howard should have been more careful not to get ejected, but the wackiness that ensued was totally worth the loss.  I’ve never seen the big man so angry and been so fearful for the safety of an umpire.  Also, please do not tell me that his being out of the game cost the Phillies because he should have been up at the end instead of Roy Oswalt.  If Howard had been in the game, they never would have intentionally walked Chase Utley to get to the four-hitter, and if they’re pitching to Chase the way he’s hit since he’s been back it’s not that different than having a pitcher up there.  Any Howard vs. Ibañez at first complaints are totally legit though.

Is it just me or should the Sixers be concerned that Andres Nocioni, recently acquired from the Kings for the most undeservingly discontent player in Philly history (read: Sam Dalembert), was too injured to compete in the FIBA World Championships for his native Argentina?  Yeah, that probably is just me.  Nobody gives a crap about the Sixers and nobody will until they give us a reason to.

Speaking of which, is it just me or should fans boycott the Sxers’ first game against the Heat?  Hear me out here, since I know it won’t happen with the Greed Team coming to town.  First of all, Philly fans have already done a pretty good job boycotting the Sixers already.  Freakin no one shows up at those games.  Second, the Sixers have jacked up the prices of tickets to that game because they know it will be the only game they sell out all year.  Also, eff those guys.  How can you like a team full of front-running prima donna mercenaries like the Miami Heat?  At that point you should probably just customize a Heat jersey with “DOUCHE” as the name and 69 as the number to identify yourself as the target of my anger.

Is it just me or is Darrelle Revis’ holdout one of the most justified we’ve seen in recent years?  Dude carried that team last year all the way to an AFC Championship Game berth and was allegedly told the day after the season ended that the Jets would make him the highest-paid corner in the league.  It’s not his fault if you’re gonna talk like that and then not back it up.  Give the man his money.

Is it just me or do newspapers, blogs, websites, and everything in between really need to stop playing on Roy Halladay’s last name as if it were Holiday?  It’s not his name.  The first syllable of his name rhymes with Al, Sal, pal, gal, etc.  Nobody knows how to pronounce our ace’s name and I’m not saying it’s all on the headline-writers, but they’re certainly not helping.  Just wait til basketball season.  There’s a player on that team whose name is actually Holiday.

Thanks for indulging me these random, often-unconnected thoughts and feel free to comment to dispute them or to submit one of your own.  Or, email them to and I’ll pass them off as my own in the next installment.



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2 responses to “Is It Just Me? Vol. 2

  1. fredex

    The eagles don’t look fantastic, but neither does the entire division. The nfc east as a collective looks really subpar. I can see them going 9-7, 10-6 while going 5-1 within the division. And yeah, preseason blows, we can’t tell anything right now except whose injured.

    As a request, could you incorporate corey’s senior prank where he puts chickens in the hallway into your next post?? Personally i find this to be one of the greatest moments in tv history.

    • whiskas610

      oh don’t worry, the chickens in the hallway will appear when appropriate, as will “we’ll always remember he was this tall” and other classic boy meets world moments. can’t throw ’em all out there in the first few though, gotta keep the customers coming back.

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