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Week Two

So, we’re 2 games into the Auburn football season, and Auburn is looking pretty solid. 2-0, with wins against Arkansas State, and Mississippi State.

The Arkansas State game was a joke, the offense probably could have scored on any lay of their choice. The Mississippi State game was a very good game. Both teams have high-powered offenses, but their defenses dominated. Not quite as much as the 2008 game, which finished in an Auburn win 3-2, but only 7 total points were scored in the 2nd half. This was surprising for just about everyone to watch, but I think it has something to do with the short week. Both teams only had about 4 days to prepare an offensive gameplan, and I personally think that an offense benefits more from a regular week, or a bye week than the defense. In this 17-14 win for Auburn, the defense came up big, especially down the stretch. The only thing that worries me about this team is that the secondary still is not playing well at all. Yeah, they only gave up 14 points, but how many drops did Mississippi State receivers have? And how many open receivers did the quarterbacks miss? A lot. I’m also expecting more out of middle linebacker Josh Bynes. Through 2 games, he hasn’t had many tackles, and hasn’t even been in on many plays.

Mario Fannin and Lee Ziemba were both injured last night. A running back injury typically would worry someone, but if it gets Michael Dyer more touches, its probably for the better. I originally though Ziemba would be a big loss, but Brandon Mosley came in last night and didn’t miss a beat.

What am I doing tomorrow? I’ll tell you what I’m not doing, instead, and that is anything. Great matchups all day starting with South Carolina vs. Georgia at noon eastern straight through the State at Bama game at 7:00 PM.

22 Georgia at 24 South Carolina

South Carolina is going to win this game. Georgia freshman quarterback has his first road test here, and doesn’t have star receiver A.J. Green. After a slow start in the opener, the Cocks got it going to a nice victory over Southern Miss.

17 Florida State at 10 Oklahoma

Right now, everyone is all over Florida State because they beat Samford 59-6. Since when does that even matter? Oklahoma didn’t look good, I’m thinking because they were looking ahead. Oklahoma is out to prove something tomorrow. They win.

Michigan at Notre Dame

I love that these two teams are both unranked. Both of these teams actually started out with real opponents last week, UCONN and Purdue respectively. ESPN is all over Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. I hate to say it, but, I think the Irish are going to win. Only because they’re at home.

12 The U at 2 Ohio State

The U’s defense is not good enough to stop Terrelle Pryor. Expect a big game out of him. Jacory Harris is really just an inferior Terrelle Pryor, and Ohio States defense is better. And its at the Horsehoe. Ohio State wins by about 14.

18 State at 1 Alabama

Let it be known that you would be hard-pressed to find 2 college football teams that I like less than these. They may even be my 2 least favorite, I’ve never formed a list. That being said, I will never root for Alabama. I’m taking State just out of spite. War Damn Eagle.



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Highlight of the Week

One person ESPN is barely talking about after Saturday who had possibly the best game of them all, is Auburn QB Cam Newton. First start ever at Auburn, 171 rush yards 2 td. 9-14 186 yards 3 td. I think he might be the best dual-threat QB in the nation. This highlight film all from Saturday sums it up


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The Year of the Tiger

We’re in the last week before the kickoff of another great year of college football, and I know exactly what you’re thinking, how’s Auburn going to do?

Surprise, surprise, I’m thinking exactly the same thing. Auburn has been called by ESPN analysts the preseason most underrated team in the country. Two analysts even mentioned Auburn in the SEC Championship against Florida, and possibly eventually playing for a national title.  I’m fairly certain Kirk Herbstreit would be gay with the entire Auburn Football Team if he had the option.

In my completely 100% biased opinion, I’d have to say if Auburn doesn’t win the national title, this would be my reaction, “Honestly Diane, I’m surprised.” Nah, just kidding, but here is my prediction for the year.

9-4-10 vs. Arkansas State.

Although I do expect Cam Newton to run into some first game jitters against a team that played a very good Iowa team really tough last year, I’m going to say Auburn gets the win this Saturday in Jordan-Hare.

9-9-10 at Mississippi State

This should be a much tougher game than last year. Not only are the tigers on the road in Starkville, but Dan Mullen and the Mississippi athletic department organized probably the gayest/dumbest promotion ever for this game: A Maroon out. I kid you not, that is what they’re calling it. The whole idea of ____-outs only works with whiteouts and blackouts, you can’t just insert any color in there. Moreover, (I don’t know if that’s used right but it sounds right and I have never had a decent opportunity to use that word before) I just hate whiteouts because of the debacle that was the Prep whiteout vs. the rival La Salle whiteout in the cheering sections of the 2008 PCL Championship. Anyways, Auburn wins this game.

9-18-10 vs. Clemson

At least we came up with a better name for our blue out, Mississippi State. This is True Blue day at Jordan-Hare. We got a classic Tigers vs. Tigers matchup here and both schools primary color is orange. I hate it when people ask me if I go to Clemson and I’m sure they hate it when people ask if they go to Auburn. Clemson QB Kyle Parker, although he prevailed in the regionals of the CWS in Auburn, will not come out on top again. This is the big non-conference test for Auburn, and like last year against WVU, expect Jordan-Hare to be rockin through any tropical storms that may come through and eventually see an Auburn victory.

9-25-10 vs. South Carolina

This game is going to be a big FUCK YOU to Marcus Lattimore who turned Auburn down for South Carolina last year on signing day. If I hear any Carolina fans call South Carolina USC, I will punch them right in the face. The real USC is Southern Cal, obviously. Auburn wins, big.

10-2-10 vs. Louisiana Monroe

If your last name is not Mulhern and you honestly can say you know Louisiana Monroe’s mascot, you win a million dollars. Not really, but I’ll shake your hand. Shouldn’t be much of a game, Auburn wins big time.

10-9-10 at Kentucky

This was easily the most depressing game last year at Jordan-Hare, and the worst sporting event ever to be at. Kentucky won on a late TD 21-14. The game sucked, and it was cold. Kentucky, will surprise people this year, but ultimately the loss of 4 starting offensive lineman is going to kill them against a deep front 7 of Auburn this year, who is apparently going to blitz more. Auburn wins in a tight game.

10-16-10 vs. Arkansas

Ryan Mallett is really really good. But, so is Cam Newton. I don’t think the Arkansas defense is good enough to keep the Auburn offense out of the end zone. This is going to be a really great game. At Arkansas, I’d take them. At Auburn, I’d take Auburn. If it’s anything like last year, this should be a fun game to watch. I’d say if College Game Day comes to Auburn this is one of the three games that it is most likely to.

10-23-10 vs. LSU

I can’t believe I’m not going to be at this game. Last year, Auburn got absolutely embarrassed at LSU. It was the ugliest game of the year by far. Another classic Tigers vs. Tigers matchup, this is another potential College Game Day game. I swear if I miss Game Day Dorothy will hear about it. I think what this game comes down to is the coolness of the “mascots,” but I’m not referring to the actual mascots I’m referring to Nova vs. Mike the Tiger. Okay, Nova is a gay name, and I have no idea why the War Eagle(the 7th War Eagle in Auburn history) is named it, but why the hell would you name a tiger Mike? Tigers aren’t your average animal with a name, so why would you name it something as plain as Mike? LSU’s offense is as plain as the name Mike in this game, and 87,451 Auburn fans help the real Tigers to victory.

10-30-10 at Ole Miss

The Rebels, could you think of a more confederate name, just found out that their starting quarterback is ineligible for the year. Serves them right; I don’t like how right after Oregon coach Chip Kelly dismissed Jeremiah Masoli, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt jumped right on him and got him on the roster. I’m glad the NCAA won’t let him play this year, and I’m really glad they waited until right now to tell him. Auburn gets the Mississippi sweep.

11-6-10 vs. Chattanooga

Even alumnus Terrell Owens couldn’t save the Mocs in this homecoming game. Seriously, he’s past his prime and they really suck. Auburn wins big.

11-13-10 vs. Georgia

The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. This video is why Georgia will never be good at any sport ever again. No school this gay will win anything remotely manly.

11-26-10 at Alabama

I hate Alabama. Last year’s Iron Bowl was one of the best games of the year, and unfortunately saw Alabama score a late touchdown to beat an Auburn team who had been winning since the 4th play from scrimmage.  This isn’t just a game. And, quite frankly, it has nothing to do with who the better team is that year. Both sides have ruined the others national title hopes, both teams have blown big leads to lose this game(Google Punt Bama Punt), and both teams are going to be very good this year. Alabama has won the past 2 years, and leads the series 40-33. Before 2008, Auburn had won 6 straight Iron Bowls. Auburn returns to glory in Bryant Denny. I said it, Auburn beats Alabama in the Iron Bowl to go to the SEC Championship.

On top of my Auburn expertise that I will provide you with weekly, I will also preview the weeks big games. So, for week 1 here we go:

15 Pitt at Utah. I’m taking Pitt in this game because Dion Lewis is the best running back in the nation that barely anyone heard of last year despite being third in the nation in rushing.

Villanova vs. Temple at Lincoln Financial Field. Call me crazy, but, this is my game of the week. After Nova toppled Temple last year, Temple went on to win 9 in a row and make their first bowl game since I was born. Temple has a pretty good running back in Bernard Pierce(He’s not half as good as Temple thinks but he’s good), but, Nova is led by former Prep QB Chris Whitney. Villanova won the midget national championship last year, that is the College Football Championship Series (FCS). I’m going with Temple in this one. There’s really no reason why, but at least they play in the big boy division of college football.

Youngstown State at 19 State. No need to include the Penn, everyone knows who State is. I’m taking the Penguins in this one. Not really, I just wanted to share that their mascot is the Penguins.

Purdue is going to win at ND, and UCONN is going to win at Michigan.

24 Oregon state at 6 TCU. It’s not actually at TCU, it’s being played at a neutral site. That neutral site is still in Texas, so it might as well be a home game for the Horned Frogs. This should be a good game, I’m taking J-Quizz and the Beavers, though, in Texas.

21 LSU vs. 18 UNC. This might be the first time ever UNC is ranked higher than LSU. I really have no idea. This is being played in Atlanta, which is a true neutral site game. Supposedly, UNC has a top-5 defense in the country. Unfortunately for the Heels, they’re missing some guys because they cheated. SEC over ACC. Mike the Tiger rejoices.

War Eagle,


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