Week Two

So, we’re 2 games into the Auburn football season, and Auburn is looking pretty solid. 2-0, with wins against Arkansas State, and Mississippi State.

The Arkansas State game was a joke, the offense probably could have scored on any lay of their choice. The Mississippi State game was a very good game. Both teams have high-powered offenses, but their defenses dominated. Not quite as much as the 2008 game, which finished in an Auburn win 3-2, but only 7 total points were scored in the 2nd half. This was surprising for just about everyone to watch, but I think it has something to do with the short week. Both teams only had about 4 days to prepare an offensive gameplan, and I personally think that an offense benefits more from a regular week, or a bye week than the defense. In this 17-14 win for Auburn, the defense came up big, especially down the stretch. The only thing that worries me about this team is that the secondary still is not playing well at all. Yeah, they only gave up 14 points, but how many drops did Mississippi State receivers have? And how many open receivers did the quarterbacks miss? A lot. I’m also expecting more out of middle linebacker Josh Bynes. Through 2 games, he hasn’t had many tackles, and hasn’t even been in on many plays.

Mario Fannin and Lee Ziemba were both injured last night. A running back injury typically would worry someone, but if it gets Michael Dyer more touches, its probably for the better. I originally though Ziemba would be a big loss, but Brandon Mosley came in last night and didn’t miss a beat.

What am I doing tomorrow? I’ll tell you what I’m not doing, instead, and that is anything. Great matchups all day starting with South Carolina vs. Georgia at noon eastern straight through the State at Bama game at 7:00 PM.

22 Georgia at 24 South Carolina

South Carolina is going to win this game. Georgia freshman quarterback has his first road test here, and doesn’t have star receiver A.J. Green. After a slow start in the opener, the Cocks got it going to a nice victory over Southern Miss.

17 Florida State at 10 Oklahoma

Right now, everyone is all over Florida State because they beat Samford 59-6. Since when does that even matter? Oklahoma didn’t look good, I’m thinking because they were looking ahead. Oklahoma is out to prove something tomorrow. They win.

Michigan at Notre Dame

I love that these two teams are both unranked. Both of these teams actually started out with real opponents last week, UCONN and Purdue respectively. ESPN is all over Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. I hate to say it, but, I think the Irish are going to win. Only because they’re at home.

12 The U at 2 Ohio State

The U’s defense is not good enough to stop Terrelle Pryor. Expect a big game out of him. Jacory Harris is really just an inferior Terrelle Pryor, and Ohio States defense is better. And its at the Horsehoe. Ohio State wins by about 14.

18 State at 1 Alabama

Let it be known that you would be hard-pressed to find 2 college football teams that I like less than these. They may even be my 2 least favorite, I’ve never formed a list. That being said, I will never root for Alabama. I’m taking State just out of spite. War Damn Eagle.



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  1. How do you hate state? its fucking state. Fuck you.


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