“The View From Broad Street” is a bit of a misnomer.  No one who writes for this blog lives on Broad Street, nor do we make visits there with any significant level of consistency.  The name instead comes from the Philadelphia-centric nature of the posts you will see on our site.

We like to keep our content fairly light-hearted and casual, but we’d like to think that it is based on some decent insights into the game, and hopefully we make a few legitimate points amidst the jokes about athletes’ criminal records and the stick up Joe Buck’s butt.  (cue Troy Aikman: Well Joe, you’re absolutely right.  Having a stick of that size inside of your rectum would cause severe swelling, and maybe some bleeding.  Joe:  Wait, Troy, when did you take Tony Romo’s balls out of your mouth?)

As of right now, there are 5 writers for “The View From Broad Street.” Here’s a little bit about each of us. Note: favorite teams don’t include the obvious Phillies, Flyers, Eagles, Union and Sixers. In order from coolest to least cool:

Matt Mulhern: Bronco. A diaper dandy in 8th grade. After 8th grade, suffered from the fact that he is white and not 7 feet tall or Steve Nash, or Mike Nardi? Arguably the best defensive catcher in baseball history, always making his inferior pitching brother look better than he really was. Favorite Teams: United States National Team, Auburn Tigers, Las Vegas 51’s, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and Hartford Whalers. Specialties: NBDL, college football, Russian hockey, and soccer.

Kevin Moogan: Shmoogan. The Maverick of the group and the only member who does not share a name with another member. This alone makes him superior. According to legend, Kevin once made a comment on a sporting event that was so profound, every man around him immediately grew chest hair. Favorite Teams: Miami Passion (Lingerie Football League), Las Vegas Locomotives (UFL), Visitation B.V.M. Chargers (Region 21). Specialties: Authenticating autographs of Ricky Watters, diving into shallow water, and sudoku.

Dave Mulhern: Whiskas. Stuck in sports purgatory at Columbia, watching mediocre-to-bad sports teams struggle (for the most part) in a subpar Ivy League. Continuing to lead people to believe I’m an actual athlete, and not just a rower. Also a budding male model. Favorite Teams: Fall 2006 Columbia Women’s Soccer Team (Ivy Champs and loaded with cuties), the LeBrons (I won’t bother to say “Cleveland Cavaliers” because honestly wherever he plays next year I’ll be a fan of that team), the Reading Phillies, and whoever’s beating Auburn. Specialties: rodeo, choreography, blatantly ignoring the alarming rate at which I’m balding, and NCAA Tourney.

John Pichola: FredEx. A Taurus who simply can’t get enough of Kobe and LeBron highlights during SportsCenter. A house subcommittee has recently been formed to investigate if me and Pat Burrell are in fact men or machines. Weekly golf foursome includes Mike Zagurski, Sam Rayburn (Back from Rehab), and the “Everybody hits” guy. Favorites: Golf, World Series of Darts, The Olympic Sports that are actually interesting to watch, Gary “Sarge” Matthews’ commentary. Pet Peeves: Sideline reporters, Danica Patrick, Merrill Hodge’s and Mark Schlereth’s egos.

John Mulhern: Ron Mexico. Started drinking hennessy at halftime of basketball games in the 5th grade. Much like Plaxico Burress and Charles Rogers I plan on playing in the NFL again someday. Also I read Maurice Clarett’s blog religiously. Sports Favorites: Tom Brady, Ochocinco, Mike Vick, Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant, Bob Huggins, College Basketball on CBS, Monday Night Football, and Allen Iverson. Things I Hate: Tim Tebow, Carlos Beltran, the Yankees, every NBA GM, Joe Buck, and the NHL

We hope you enjoy the posts, and we hope to keep them coming pretty regularly, so check back often.  Please comment, call us out on our mistakes/omissions, tell your friends about us (only if you like what you read-no need to spread hate), and most of all enjoy the games along with us, since that’s what a blog like this is really about.

Also, don’t forget our theme song:


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